CLT system brackets - load bearing in all load directions

CLT system brackets - load bearing in all load directions

The use of timber as a construction material has always been an innovative and sustainable method of constructing complex and modern timber buildings. The ecological building material Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) in particular has become increasingly important in this context.

CLT offers a number of unbeatable advantages that make building with this renewable raw material particularly attractive. We are specifically committed to making a contribution to boosting timber construction with CLT. CLT is characterised by exceptional strength and dimensional stability and is used primarily in modern structures - from versatile building structures to multi-storey residential buildings. Cross Laminated Timber also offers sound and thermal insulation, making it ideal for large-scale projects such as commercial and industrial buildings, and for bridge construction. The advantages of CLT construction lie in the rapid assembly of prefabricated timber elements and the uncomplicated construction method.

In solid timber construction, Eurotec's ETA-certified CLT system bracket offers defined characteristic load support in all directions of force application. The CLT system bracket eliminates the need for many connectors for the individual panels, as a continuous flow of force between the upper levels is guaranteed.

Better load absorption in the directions of force application F23 and F1 can be achieved with just four angled screws than when using similar connectors. For further improvement, longer fully threaded bolts can be used to exceed the 75 kN tensile load capacity of the standard 10 x 125 mm KonstruX fully threaded screws.

Example: When using KonstruX 10 x 220 mm, a load-bearing capacity of 100 kN can be achieved in the F1 direction.  

With regard to fire protection, the connectors should generally be clad with plasterboard. If a visible wooden ceiling is desired, this should be factored into the structural design. The panel thickness must therefore be dimensioned so that recessed installation is possible, thus improving fire protection.

  • Advantages of CLT system brackets
  • High load-bearing capacity
  • Versatile in use
  • Suitable for complex connections
  • Compatible with Eurotec IdeeFix

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Take a look at our catalogue "Building with CLT” to find detailed product information and technical tables for in-depth insight into Eurotec's innovative timber construction solutions.

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