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Terrassotec Trilobular Bucket

Bei der Terrassotec Trilobular aus gehärtetem Edelstahl handelt es sich um eine Schraube, welche speziell für die sichtbare Befestigung von WPC-Terrassendielen auf Unterkonstruktionen aus Holz bzw. WPC entwickelt wurde. Die Schauben sind wahlweise mit colorierten Köpfen auf Anfrage erhältlich.

Auminium eave / Aluminium cover

The aluminium eaves offers an additional opportunity to form the terrace edge. The aluminium eaves forms the lower part or the entire panel for smaller heights. Combined with the aluminium cover, the side openings can be closed.

Drill Tool 50X

The drill tool 50X is a drilling jig for the invisible attachment of decking. Decking boards can only be fastened non-visibly with this tool. Thus, no screw heads are visible on the terrace surface.

Level Mate

The Eurotec Level Mate is a reusable levelling system for tiles. The system is also suitable for use by both experienced tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts. The Level Mate is particularly suitable when using slabs and tiles.


The Façadeclip for Rhombus profiles was developed for use with façade profiles. The system consists of a Rhombus Starter façade clip and a Rhombus-façade clip.

Thanks to the DrainTec Base, our DrainTec Drainage Grate can now also be used at ground level on gravel, sand and other substrates. Through the angular perforations in the middle of the base, the base can be combined with our adjustable support feet from the Pro-Line series

Eurotec 12-in-1 ratchet screwdriver

The Eurotec 12-in-1 ratchet screwdriver can be put to universal use. It has a magazine with 12 different bits that extends automatically at the touch of a button. The ratchet function on the screwdriver with clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation saves you from unnecessarily changing your grip during use. The ergonomically-shaped handle also ensures that the screwdriver sits securely in your hand.

Eurotec EST rod dowel

Eurotec’s self-drilling EST is a double-threaded screw with an innovative arrow drill and a specifically developed chip-removing groove. Ideally suited for hidden connections in combination with our T-profile.


for hidden aluminium connections

Eurotec’s T-profile is a hidden aluminium wood connector for use both indoors and outdoors. Suitable in terms of geometry for right-angled and inclined connections of individual beams in wood / wood and wood / concrete applications. Can be combined with our rod dowel, which is screwed in through the T-profile as part of a selfdrilling process.

Das MaTre-Band dient zur Materialtrennung und verhindert somit Knarr-Geräusche zwischen den Alu-Profilen und Dielen. 

The Taurus 45° is suitable for affixing metal tension straps in timber construction.

Post anchor 135 + 65

The post anchor 135 +65 meets all the requirements of constructive wood protection. It can be installed on to the end-grain without additional timber framing works and pre-drilling. After installation, the post anchor can still be adjusted up to 65 mm. Manufacturing tolerances can be equalized through height adjustment.

The new timber construction connectors have arrived!

Specially developed for modern timber construction, these new products serve to absorb and transmit tensile and shear forces. The products are used in timber frame and solid timber construction. 

Find out more about our new products here!

Discover our new job market

We are happy to announce our new job market live on our website.

Construction of the warehouse 2018

In 2013 we moved to Hagen. We expanded our production capacities in 2015. In 2016 the construction of the production hall was added, into which we had the machinery moved at the beginning of 2018. Now we continue with a second warehouse. 

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PRO adjustable pedestal XS / XXS

To expand our Profi-Line series of adjustable pedestals, we are now offering the new XS/XXS adjustable pedestal and XXS extension plate. The PRO XS/XXS adjustable pedestals are supplied with both an L adapter and a stone adapter. Furthermore, the new XXS adjustable pedestal can be combined with up to two XXS extension plates to increase its height.

SonoTec, sound insulation cork

The SonoTec soundproof cork is a combination of the components cork and natural rubber. This product is suitable for the application of vibration damping where very high isolation values are required and can be used as invisible insulators (pads/strips) with a low resonant frequency and medium to low load.

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Company introduction


Tools and aids for construction

The tools and accessories from Eurotec offer you the opportunity to work in the field of timber easier. Check out our new product range more closely and discover the benefits.


Tools and aids

New product


NEW: Transport anchor system - The secure lifting system

Made of quality steel, this manual lifting attachment is used to lift all kinds of timber parts securely and easily.


Wood types

The latest service from EuroTec for all interested customers: inform yourself about the characteristics of wood types quickly, simply and reliably. At the same time you can find out which fasteners EuroTec recommends. It's never been easier to find all the information on the right wood!



Quick clearly informed!


As well as a suitable fastening system, above all good planning and professional assembly are essential for long-lived, low-maintenance deck construction. Not all timber is the same: as well as aesthetics and price, it is advisable to weigh up the technological properties against one another. A timber with very high durability and an astoundingly beautiful exterior can, for example, have only moderate dimensional stability and may not be suited for indirect, hidden fastening.

This overview of the most common deck timbers might assist you in your considerations.


Deck construction

Without a pefect substructure, there will be in short time damages on the decking. We offer a whole fastening system with utilities, which keep your decking well.


Eurotec aluminium profiles

The alternative to a deck substructure made of timber

In contrast to wood substructures, the profile is 
dimensionally stable. There are no faults, cracks, etc. 
caused by the weather, as with wood when used as a building material.

Deck boards: Hidden fastening

Substructure: Aluminium or Timber

We have the accessories that you need!
The deck gliders are fastened first of all to the underside of the boards and then to the substructure. The boards are fastened hidden. The fasteners cannot be seen on the surface of the deck.

Deck boards: Visible fastening

Substructure: Aluminium or Timber

Innovative solutions for all types of substructures and deck boards 
Deck boards can be fastened in different ways, depending on the type of wood. We provide innovative solutions that enable your individual requirements and wishes for fastening your deck boards.

Deck substructure

Essential for a perfect deck

For a stable and durable hardwood deck, 
it is very important to build the substructure correctly.

Wood construction screws

Eurotec offers innovative fastening systems for building with wood. Whether in the garden or in parks and landscaped areas, Eurotec wood construction screws are the ideal solution. With our tried and tested products you can build: wood/hardwood decks, stone patios, screen fences, garden fences, play installations, summer houses and garden sheds.


Roofing screws

TopDuo: Double threaded screw


For fastening over rafter insulation with insulation

thicknesses up to 300 mm.

Over rafter insulation with:

left site: non-pressure-resistant insulation

right site: pressure-resistant insulation



Wood construction screw

Paneltwistec and Hobotec


Our range of screws for every range of application is as varied as building with wood!



Panhead TX chipboard screw


Spacer screw




The PediX post foot is a post bearer that meets the requirements for constructive timber protection. It can be mounted on the end grain of the post using fully threaded screws with no need for joinery work or pilot-drilling. An EPDM gasket between the post foot and post provides additional protection for the wood against penetrating moisture. After assembly, the height of the post foot can still be adjusted by up to 50, 100 or 150 mm (except PediX B500).


PediX – support feet

The newly developed generation of support feet


12 fully threaded screws Ø 5.0 x 80 mm included in the

scope of delivery with each post foot


• Easy assembly without the need for milling

• Subsequent height adjustment

• High load bearing capacity


The company

Eurotec's focus is on the (further) development of fastening technology that provides users with the greatest number of advantages. We develop fasteners that satisfy our customers' requirements and have the highest possible quality standard. Approvals from the building supervisory authorities for all products in our core range and a series of registrated industrial property rights in germany to protect unique product innovations underline Eurotec's quality level. Our customers are extremely interested in our intensive product advice, the information that we provide as well as product training, so that our company has become firmly established in the domestic market and to a great extent in the international market as well.


Das Unternehmen Eurotec GmbH

The specialist for fastening technology

Founded in May 1999, Eurotec GmbH is a successful medium-sized company with approx. 130 employees and a storage capacity of more than 11,000 pallet bays. Over its short 19-year history, Eurotec GmbH has developed itself into a permanent fixture on the domestic and international market.