Classic injection mortar – chemical anchoring solutions for loads in concrete

Classic injection mortar – chemical anchoring solutions for loads in concrete

Mechanical anchors are widely used as quick and cost-effective means of connecting posts and beams in concrete substrates. However, their strength and scope of application are limited – especially with expansion anchors. These fasteners cause high compressive stresses in the subsurface. In addition, there must be enough material around the anchor to withstand this load. For this reason, they are usually not compatible with weaker, hollow substrates such as masonry and concrete of unknown quality or low strength.

Unlike conventional expansion anchors, chemical anchors are ideal for heavy-duty panel applications in masonry, block work and cracked concrete. Generally combined with steel threaded rods, composite anchors do not exert installation stresses in the anchoring base and can therefore be used in concrete and anchor groups with narrower spacing and edge distances.

High-performance composite mortar for anchorages in masonry and concrete

The Classic injection mortar is a styrene-free vinyl ester resin (epoxy resin) approved by the European Technical Approval Authority (ETA) for all of the above substrates, including class C2 seismic applications. It can be installed in dampened and also in water-filled holes in concrete and ensures permanent and high-performance anchoring. An effective installation can be ensured with the appropriate Eurotec cartridge gun and the borehole blow pump.

All the benefits of our injection mortar at a glance:

  • Wide range of applications
  • Uncomplicated to use
  • Optimal dosing
  • Compatible with commercially available cartridge guns/silicone guns
  • Suitable for wet anchoring bases
  • Free of harmful styrene
  • Can be resealed by means of a screw cap

Safety instructions can be found in the safety data sheet.

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