Injection mortar


Injection mortar

300 ml, incl. static mixer

One fastening system,many potential applications 

Eurotec injection mortar is a powerful composite mortar based onvinylester resin. This fastening system impresses above all with its broadrange of applications. It is approved for anchorages in cracked and noncrackedconcrete, for anchorages in brickwork, and for creatingpost-installed rebar connections. Thanks to its expansion-free installation, Eurotec injection mortar isexcellently suited to installations that require very small edge and centredistances. It also provides a suitable solution wherever conventional fasteners do not provide sufficient grip in the subsurface, which can bethe case with anchorages in porous bricks, for example. The mortar is free of harmful styrene.

Advantages and properties 

  • One fastening system, many potential applications: 
    • Anchorages in cracked and non-cracked concrete (ETA-17/0191) 
    • Anchorages in brickwork (ETA-17/0193) 
    • Creation of post-installed rebar connections (ETA-17/0192) 
  • Standard rebar steel, threaded rods, washers and nutsincluded in the European technical approvals 
  • Expansion-free installation allows small centre and edgedistances 
  • Straightforward application 
  • Optimum dosing 
  • Compatible with standard cartridge/ silicon guns 
  • A screw cap means it can be resealed and therefore also used again at a later time 
  • Suitable for wet anchoring substrates 
  • Suitable for water-filled drill holes in concrete (plug sizes Ø 8–16 mm) 
  • Free of harmful styrene 
  • Temperature range for use:
    • -40 °C bis +120 °C in concrete
    • -40 °C bis +80 °C in brickwork and for post-installed rebar connections 
  • Suitable for use in closed spaces (emissions class A+ acc. to VOC Emissions Test report) 
  • Fire resistance rating F120 (M8 – M30 anchor rods, tested in non-cracked concrete) 
  • Approved for contact with drinking water (NSF/ANSI Standard 61) 
  • Shelf life: 12 months 
  • Mortar colour: Grey

Europ. Techn. Assessment: ETA-17/0191

Object of valuation:

Bonded injection type anchor for use in cracked and non-cracked concrete

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Europ. Techn. Assessment: ETA-17/0192

Object of valuation:

Post installed rebar connections with VE-Harz injection mortar

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Europ. Techn. Assessment: ETA-17/0193

Object of approval:

Injection anchors for use in masonry

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