PRO adjustable pedestal XXS


PRO adjustable pedestal XXS

Profi-Line adjustable pedestals

The PRO adjustable pedestals are suitable for timber decks and stone patios with various assembly heights.

The Profi-Line series of adjustable pedestals from Eurotec provides you with a modular system: innovative, universal, versatile and user-friendly!

The series comprises six adjustable pedestals of different heights. Their assembly heights can be altered with extension rings or extension plates.

The new XXS adjustable pedestal is completed by two different types of adapter:

  • L adapter – for classic timber substructures or modern aluminium substructures
  • Stone adapter – for laying stone slabs

Thus, the adjustable feet PRO can be quickly and easily adapted to your individual needs and circumstances on site.

The PRO XS is supplied with both an L adapter and a stone adapter. Please note that the adapters for the XS adjustable pedestal are only suitable for the XS and cannot be combined with the rest of the PRO family.

The XXS adjustable pedestal can be combined with up to two XXS extension plates to increase its height.

Note: The PRO XXS and PRO XS adjustable feet are incompatible with the Nivello 2.0.


Data sheets


Product data sheet – Profi-Line adjustable pedestals

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DWG data PRO adjustable pedestal XXS



Overview of Eurotec adjustable pedestals


Installation Guide – Profi-Line and SL PRO adjustable pedestals

Art. no. Construction height Load-bearing capacity in kN* PU EAN
954020 10 – 15 mm 4,0 50 4251314728517