Package for selected screws

With the Eurotec ProPack, selected screws from our wood construction screw assortment can be stowed in an advantageous package and transported by a practical handle.



  • Corrugated cardboard, double wall


  • New, high-quality design
  • Practical handle
  • Better handling of the screw packaging
  • Environmentally friendly package printing
  • More cost-effective and environmentally friendly thanks to larger packing unit


We offer the ProPack for the following screws:

Paneltwistec AG, flange button head screw

Paneltwistec AG, countersunk head screw

For more dimensions, please refer to our article table below!


Data sheets


Product data sheet – ProPack

Art. no. Designation PU EAN
PRO944588 PT TK DAG T40 8x80/48 250 4064827025123
PRO944589 PT TK DAG T40 8x100/60 250 4064827025130
PRO944590 PT TK DAG T40 8x120/66 250 4064827025147
PRO944591 PT TK DAG T40 8x140/95 200 4064827025154
PRO944592 PT TK DAG T40 8x160/95 200 4064827025161
PRO944593 PT TK DAG T40 8x180/95 200 4064827025178
PRO944594 PT TK DAG T40 8x200/95 100 4064827025185
PRO944595 PT TK DAG T40 8x220/95 100 4064827045145
PRO944596 PT TK DAG T40 8x240/95 100 4064827045152
PRO944597 PT TK DAG T40 8x260/95 100 4064827045169
PRO944598 PT TK DAG T40 8x280/95 100 4064827045176
PRO944599 PT TK DAG T40 8x300/95 100 4064827045183
PRO944600 PT TK DAG T40 8x320/95 100 4064827045190
PRO944716 PT SK DAG T40 8x100/60/10 400 4064827025192
PRO944717 PT SK DAG T40 8x120/66 400 4064827025208
PRO944718 PT SK DAG T40 8x140/95 300 4064827025215
PRO944719 PT SK DAG T40 8x160/95 300 4064827025222
PRO944720 PT SK DAG T40 8x180/95 300 4064827025239
PRO944721 PT SK DAG T40 8x200/95 150 4064827025246
PRO944722 PT SK DAG T40 8x220/95 150 4064827045206
PRO944723 PT SK DAG T40 8x240/95 150 4064827045213
PRO944724 PT SK DAG T40 8x260/95 150 4064827045237
PRO944725 PT SK DAG T40 8x280/95 150 4064827045244
PRO944726 PT SK DAG T40 8x300/95 150 4064827045251
PRO945632 PT SK AG T30 6x80/48/10 500 4064827025062
PRO945634 PT SK AG T30 6x100/60/10 400 4064827025079
PRO945636 PT SK AG T30 6x120/70/10 400 4064827025086
PRO945638 PT SK AG T30 6x140/70/10 400 4064827025093
PRO945640 PT SK AG T30 6x160/70/10 300 4064827025109
PRO945641 PT SK AG T30 6x180/70/10 300 4064827025116
PRO945719 PT TK AG T30 6x100/60/10 400 4064827025017
PRO945721 PT TK AG T30 6x120/70/10 400 4064827025024
PRO945723 PT TK AG T30 6x140/70/10 400 4064827025031
PRO945725 PT TK AG T30 6x160/70/10 300 4064827025048
PRO945726 PT TK AG T30 6x180/70/10 300 4064827025055