Bit dispenser box with TX Long Bits

A practical dispenser box with 100x TX Long Bits in the sizes: TX20, TX25, TX30 or TX40.

The TX Long Bit is ideal for use in hard-to-reach places, e.g. deck boards, cladding, etc.

Product table

Art. no. Designation Color length Bits per dispenser box EAN
954102 Bit dispenser box TX20 Yellow 50 mm 100 Pieces 4251314722010
954103 Bit dispenser box TX25 Blue 50 mm 100 Pieces 4251314722027
954104 Bit dispenser box TX30 Red 50 mm 100 Pieces 4251314722034
954105 Bit dispenser box TX40 Green 50 mm 100 Pieces 4251314722041