Auger bit set

Eurotec auger bits 
Eurotec auger bits are ideal for creating deep drill holes and for drill holeswith a wide diameter. They can be used both for drilling into end grainand for drilling perpendicular to the grain.The special shape of the conveyor screw ensures a high removalrate and carries the wood chips out of the drill hole withoutblocking, even in the case of deep drill holes. The centre point withan integrated feed screw prevents the drill from slipping and ensures thatit feeds into the material independently even at low speeds.A pre-cutter on the drill point prevents splitting of wood fibres and createsa clean cutting edge.Auger bits are often used to create through holes in beams and rafters,e.g. for construction screws, rafter nails, tapping holes, dowels, etc.
Product advantages 

  • Precise positioning ensured thanks to spiral-shaped tip 
  • Specially shaped transport screw 
    • Virtually no expenditure of force required 
    • Allows a fast rate of drilling 
    • High removal rate 
    • Suitable for especially deep drill holes 
  • Centre point with integrated feed screw 
    • Prevents drill from slipping 
    • Feeds into material independently, thereby reducing the effort required 
    • Low speeds possible 
  • Pre-cutter on drill point 
    • No chipping around drill hole 
    • Draws itself into the workpiece quickly and without causing splintering 
    • No need for finishing work on the cutting edge 
  • A hexagonal shaft ensures that the drill is grippedsecurely in the chuck 
  • Ideal for through holes and pilot-drilling

Product table

Art. no. Designation Dimensions / Drill EAN
800455 Auger bit set 8,0 x 320 - 10 x 320 - 12 x 320 - 14 x 320 - 16 x 320 - 18 x 320 - 20 x 320 - 22 x 320 4251314716958