Wall support


Wall support

Provides support during the installation of prefabricated walls, galvanised

Makes the assembly of prefabricated walls significantly easier

Thanks to their high load-bearing capacity, the Eurotec wall supports can support walls until they are fully assembled without any problems and therefore take the place of many helping hands. A locking pin system allows especially quick and easy adjustment of the wall support's height. Subsequent fine adjustment is also possible using threaded rods.

Adjustment range of 160–300 cm:

  • Basic adjustment via 13 stop positions at intervals of 10.6 cm
  • Fine adjustment with an adjustment range of 19 cm


  • Universal application
  • Easy operation
  • Fast assembly
  • Almost no force needed from the user
  • Very secure and sturdy
  • Saves time




Product data sheet – Wall support

Art. no. Dimensions Angle of inclination PU EAN
803572 1600-3000 mm max. 45° 1 4250207490258