Suction lifter


Suction lifter

The Eurotec Suction lifter impresses with its universal applicability. It can be used to lift objects with a smooth and even surface such as tiles or glass panes without any difficulty. The suction lifter adapts to any surface. A negative pressure is created by turning the lever. You can lift weights of up to 30 kg with the suction lifter.


  • Aluminium
  • Rubber suction cup


  • Uncomplicated transport of heavy and bulky objects
  • One-hand operation
  • Easy to attach and remove

Instructions of use

The Eurotec suction lifter is a hand tool and should not be used in combination with other lifting techniques. 
Before each use, be sure to check whether the rubber pad is clean and undamaged. The object to be lifted must not be  made of porous material and should be free of any kind of liquids. Depending on the nature of the substrate, the suction lifter’s load capacity is also adjusted.

The Eurotec suction lifter is suitable for lifting sheet metal, tiles, panes of glass and plastic sheets. 

Attention: Carry out a test before lifting a weight!


Product data sheets


Product data sheet – Suction lifter

Art. no. Diameter Load-bearing capacity PU EAN
100029 117 mm 30 kg 1 4251314746764