Combi Laser


Combi Laser

Difficult alignment with a spirit level is no longer necessary, because the combined laser makes your work easier. The combination laser is suitable for lots of demanding tasks in dry construction and interior construction. The device combines green cross line lasers and five-point lasers and can be aligned to 15 m thanks to an accuracy of ± 0.2 mm. The green laser solder points enable horizontal and vertical alignment. Furthermore, the combi laser is self-levelling in a range of +/- 4 ° in less than four seconds.


  • Rubber-reinforced plastic housing


  • Delivers precise lines with an accuracy of ± 0,2 mm at 15 m
  • Self-leveling range of +/- 4 °
  • Combination of green cross line and five point laser
  • For demanding tasks, e. g. in dry construction and interior finishing
  • Splashwater and dust protected according to IP54


Data sheets

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Product data sheet – Combi Laser



User manual Combi Laser

Art. no. Dimensions PU EAN
800486 108,3 x 120 x 76 mm 1 4251314799500