Carpenter's hammer


Carpenter's hammer

Eurotec carpenter’s hammer

The carpenter’s hammer is used primarily in timber-frame construction butalso in formwork. One side of the hammer is for driving in nails, and theother has a claw with an extended point on one side. The surface of thehammer face is ribbed in order to prevent it slipping off the nail heads.The Eurotec carpenter’s hammer is fitted with a magnetic nail holder sothat nails can be inserted easily overhead, in hard-to-reach locations, orin locations that can't be reached with both hands. The nails are placedon the hammer face, where they are held in position by the magnet andcan then be hammered in.The claw of the hammer is excellently suited to pulling out nails, and thepoint is ideal for moving and aligning heavy timbers, e.g. rafters andpurlins.

Product properties 

  • Equipped with magnetic nail holder 
  • VPA/GS-tested and -certified
Art. no. Dimensions Weight (g) PU EAN
800378 330 mm 600 1 4251314702555