SonoTec sound insulation cork

For vibration dampening

The SonoTec soundproof cork is a combination of the components cork and natural rubber. This product is suitable for the application of vibration damping where very high isolation values are required and can be used as invisible insulators (pads/strips) with a low resonant frequency and medium to low load. 


  • Sustainable material
  • High load capacity 
  • Invisible 
  • Easy to use
  • Impermeable to water and gas due to component-specific requirements

SonoTec sound insulation cork can reduce noise by up to 40 dB.
Instructions for use
The soundproof cork can be used variably. Laying the cork requires no additional training. It can be used as a separating layer between a wooden framework and concrete floor as well as end plates,. It can also be used as a support for lubricants in the roof, as a separating layer between interior and exterior walls in solid wood construction and many other areas where a sound reduction is required. The cork is either laid on the floor in the appropriate position or prefixed with clamps on the wooden framework.
For this we recommend our EuroTec Hammer stapler as well as our Hammer stapler staples measuring from 10 mm in length. Due to the small diameter of the brackets these are not to be regarded as sound bridges. The respective loads that need to be recorded must be determined by a structural engineer or structural engineer.

Media library

Product table

Art. no. Designation Dimension Thickness of the HB PU EAN
945305 SK02 80 x 1100 mm 6 mm 20 Pieces 4251314728319
945306 SK02 100 x 1100 mm 6 mm 20 Pieces 4251314728326
945307 SK03 80 x 1100 mm 6 mm 20 Pieces 4251314728333
945308 SK03 100 x 1100 mm 6 mm 20 Pieces 4251314728340
945309 SK04 80 x 1100 mm 6 mm 20 Pieces 4251314728357
945310 SK04 100 x 1100 mm 6 mm 20 Pieces 4251314728364