PediX Easy 200+100


PediX Easy 200+100

Post supports meet the requirements for constructive wood protection - as do our PediX Easy 135+65 and PediX Easy 200+100 post supports. The assembly on the end-grain wood is performed without additional joinery and pre-drilling with fully threaded screws. A height adjustability of the support feet of 65 mm or 100 mm is still possible after installation. In addition, further horizontal loads can be absorbed using the support feet. A zinc-nickel coating guarantees the durability of the feet.


  • S235JR structural steel with zinc/nickel coating


  • Simple assembly with fully threaded screws without any need for joinery work, pilot drilling or milling
  • Min. timber cross-section: 100 x 100 mm
  • Can be used in service classes 1, 2 and 3 according to DIN EN 1995-1-1

* Delivery incl. twelve A2 fully threaded screws (Ø 5.0 x 80 mm) per post support


Data sheets


Product data sheet – PediX Easy 200+100

Art. no. Dimensions of baseplate Height adjustment in assembled state Load-bearing capacity (Druck) Tensile load-bearing capacity in kN Lateral force resistance PU* EAN
904684 160 x 100 x 6 200 x 300 mm 5,8 kN 5,4 kN 0,75 kN 4 4064827001202