Lifting anchor


Lifting anchor

The Lifting anchor was designed for use with a ball supporting bolt. Pre-fabricated wall modules can be easily lifted and transported with the lifting anchor. Using with screws allows the lifting anchor to be used several times.


  • SJ235


  • Simple assembly
  • Reusable
  • Can be used in solid structural timber and cross-laminated timber
  • Transporting large loads


This product is subject to important conditions!
Please follow the instructions for use.

ETA Approval: ETA-19/0020

Object of approval:

Three-dimensional nailing plate (hold-downs for timber-to-timber or timber-to-concrete or steel connections)

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Data sheets


Product data sheet – Lifting Anchor_Ball supporting bolt



Installation Guide – Lifting anchor and Ball spporting bolt

Art. no. Designation Dimensions PU EAN
944892 Lifting anchor 60 x Ø 40 mm 4 4064827001288
944893 Ball supporting bolt 50 x Ø 20 mm 1 4064827001301

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