Assembly connector


Assembly connector

For connecting two timber elements in systems building

The Eurotec assembly connector is used as a supportive and preparatory element for connecting two timber elements in systems building. The assembly connector is set into a groove positioned at any chosen location on the construction elements. It consists of two interlocking parts.

Once the elements are inserted, the assembly connector is concealed inside the wall.


  • Can be used regardless of weather conditions
  • Easy assembly
  • Quick and easy element positioning

Instructions for use

To mount the assembly connector, we recommend using our blue Paneltwistec AG SK 6 x 80 mm screws. The assembly connector must have a screw inserted in every screw hole. Our assembly connector is designed purely for guidance purposes. It cannot be used to support forces.

* Incl. 150 screws per PU.


CAD data


DWG data Assembly connector

Art. no. Dimensions PU EAN
800272 32,7 x 175 x 29,7 mm 50 4251314726162