Wall and fireplace connection


Wall and fireplace connection

The self-adhesive wall and fireplace connection provides a simple, secure roof connection. The lead-free strip is made of a structured aluminium sheet and dyed with polyester paint. Not only can the product be used for sealing between the wall or fireplace and roof surface, but it's also ideal for weatherproofing around chimneys, exterior walls and roof windows. The universal product, dyed with polyester paint, is available in two colours: brick red and black.


  • Self-adhesive wall connecting tape
  • Easy to shape and to assemble
  • Weather resistance, colour stability and UV resistance

Instructions for use

Thanks to its structured aluminium sheet and special pyramid shape, the self-adhesive wall connection tape can be easily shaped. The self-adhesive side of the product is fully coated with butyl adhesive, making installation even easier and ensuring a perfect transition to the roof covering.

The lead-free 3D aluminium wall and fireplace connection is easy to install in just a few steps. It is easy to cut to size, shape and press in by hand using a robust pair of scissors or a cutting knife.

The durability of the entire roof construction is guaranteed by the weather resistance, colour stability and UV resistance of the wall and fireplace finish.




Product data sheet – Roof accessories

Art. no. Dimensions Color Material PU EAN
954219 30 cm x 5 m Black (RAL 9005) Aluminium Profile drilling screw 1 4251314734587
954220 30 cm x 5 m Rot (RAL 8004) Aluminium Profile drilling screw 1 4251314734594