Fibre cement screw A2


Fibre cement screw A2

The fibre cement screw is a special screw for attaching corrugated sheets to wooden substructures. A pre-assembled bell seal ensures that the area around the screw head is reliably sealed.  The fibre cement screw is available in hardened carbon steel
(special coated) and in A2 stainless steel.


Screw shaft made from A2 stainless steel

  • Suitable for salty atmospheres under certain circumstances
  • Acid-resistant under certain circumstances
  • Not suitable for chlorinated atmospheres
  • Can be used in service classes 1, 2 and 3
  • Not suitable for woods containing high levels of tannin, such as cumarú, oak, merbau, robinia, etc.

Mushroom seal made from black EPDM
(ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber)

  • Shore harness A70 with pressure distributing, stainless steel disc


  • Fastening and sealing of corrugated fibre cement sheets
  • Quick to screw in due to hex drive
  • Pre-assembled mushroom seal seals the screw head from the top down



Data sheets


Product data sheet– Fibre cement screw

CAD data


DWG data Fibre cement screw

Art. no. Dimensions Drive PU EAN
111356 6,5 x 130 mm SW8 100 4251314746450