Façadeclip for Rhombus profiles


Façadeclip for Rhombus profiles

For use with the most common façade profiles


  • Optimised rear ventilation due to constructional wood protection
  • Hidden fixing
  • Formation of fixed points and sliding points
  • Easy to assemble
  • Weatherproof


Using the clip creates a joint dimension of 6 mm. The clip was designed so that it does not rest flat on the substructure, instead it elevates the boards by 4mm from the substructure. The constructional wood protection allows for rear ventilation of the façade, which is not the case with any of the usual products. Rear ventilation results in better drying when the façade is exposed to rain, and water can run off between the clip and substructure.

The constructional measures increase the façade’s service life.

Properties Rhombus Profiles

  • Dimensional stability must be provided for wood
  • Low to moderate gross density
  • Low swelling and shrinkage
  • Suitable for wood that is low in tannin




Product data sheet - Façadeclip Rhombus


Installation guide - Façadeclip Rhombus

CAD data


DWG data Façadeclip for Rhombus profiles

Art. no. Designation Dimensions Material PU EAN
944917-50 Fassadenclip-Rhombus 15,20 x 54,5 x 29,5 mm galvanised steel 50* 4251314729842
944917-200 Fassadenclip-Rhombus 15,20 x 54,5 x 29,5 mm galvanised steel 200* 4251314729033
944918 Fassadenclip-Rhombus Starter 15,25 x 29,5 x 36,0 mm galvanised steel 25* 4251314729040