Bird screen

Black and White

Used to safeguard the ventilation openings on building façades and in the eaves area of ventilated roofs against birds, rodents and insects. The screen provides protection against leaves and other dirt and ensures proper ventilation and air circulation in the façade and roof areas. Suitable and can be used for all roof types.


  • Polymer


  • Ensures a proper solution
  • Resistant to UV radiation
  • Protects the eaves from birds

Product table

Art. no. Dimension (L x W) Color Material PU EAN
954216 5.000 x 80 mm Black Polymer 24 Pieces 4251314734556
954217 5.000 x 100 mm Black Polymer 24 Pieces 4251314734563
954214 5.000 x 100 mm White Polymer 24 Pieces 4251314734532
954218 5.000 x 150 mm Black Polymer 24 Pieces 4251314734570