Twin system clip


Twin system clip

For hidden fastening of decking with grooved sides

For hidden fastening of decking with grooved sides and made of dimensionally stable timber types(e.g. larch, thermally modifi ed timber) or WPC to:

  • EVO aluminium system profile 
  • EVO Slim aluminium system profile 
  • HKP deck-support system

Product description: 

The Twin aluminium system clip is inserted between two wooden boards before being secured within the board groove using astainless steel clamping plate.The clamping plate is attached to the aluminium substructure using a drilling screw between the joints.The spacer domes ensure uniform joint spacing from board to board.

Clamping plate

  • Dimensions: 20,5 x 2 x 30 mm
  • Material: A2 stainless steel, black


  • Indirect/hidden fastening solution 
  • Individual boards can be adjusted and replaced at any time 
  • Compatible with Eurotec’s EVO/EVO Slim aluminium system profi les and the HKP deck-support system 
  • Uniform board spacing of approx. 6 mm 
  • Supports constructive timber protection 
  • Weather-resistant


Important notes

Please download our product data sheet on this page for technical information on application and installation!

* Delivery incl. screw

** If the Twin system clip is to be used in combination with the EVO Slim, a shorter screw must be ordered separately. If the supplied screw Ø 5 x 50 mm is used, there is a risk that components underneath the EVO Slim, such as roof seals, may be damaged.


Data sheets


Product data sheet – System holder Twin

Art. no. Designation Dimensions Material PU EAN
945959 Systemhalter Twin 15,0 x 26,0 x 55,0 mm Kunststoff, schwarz 200* 4250207479192
111878** Bohrschraube Ø 5 x 35 mm und Bit Nuttiefe: 7,5 mm; Nutbreite: 2,0 mm; Nutwangenstärke: 2,0 - 12,5 mm   100 4251314717641
111882** Bohrschraube Ø 5 x 30 mm und Bit Nuttiefe: 7,5 mm; Nutbreite: 2,0 mm; Nutwangenstärke: 6,0 - 7,0 mm   100 4251314722232