The Tri-Deck-Tec made from hardened stainless steel is a screw that was specifically developed for attaching WPC (wood plastic composite) terrace decking boards to WPC or wooden substructures. The screw features an extra reinforced shaft, an underhead thread running in the
opposite direction and a tapered head with TX drive. In combination with the Drill-Stop, the tapered head fits flush into the WPC decking board. 


  • Hardened stainless steel (C1)


  • Reduction of the splitting effect
  • Drive thread ensures quick screwing
  • Under-head thread provides additional hold for deck board
  • Reduced splintering through special head
  • Reduction of screw torque due to trilobular basic geometry
  • Reduction of the risk of tearing off the screw when screwing through trilobular basic geometry

With coloured screw heads for WPC decking


EXPERT HINTS for the construction of wooden terraces

Wood deck = pilot-drilling

When building a wood deck using premium woods pilot-drilling and pre-counterboring is recommended in all circumstances.

This applies to soft coniferous wood as well as to hardwood.

No splintering, no shearing!

Pilot drilling with the Drill-Stop and the specially developed head geometry of Tri-Deck-Tec
prevents splintering to the greatest extent.


* Supplied in a bucket incl. ECO drill stop and bit TX20.


Data sheets


Product data sheet – Tri-Deck-Tec

CAD data


DWG data Tri-Deck-Tec

Art. no. Dimensions Color Drive PU EAN
905809 5,0 x 65 mm Uncoated TX20 200 4251314705327
BR905809-EIMER 5,0 x 65 mm Braun TX20 250* 4251314722553
C905809-EIMER 5,0 x 65 mm 'Charcoal TX20 250* 4251314709554
CR905809-EIMER 5,0 x 65 mm Cream TX20 250* 4251314709561
GR905809-EIMER 5,0 x 65 mm Grau TX20 250* 4251314711465
OAK905809-EIMER 5,0 x 65 mm Oak TX20 250* 4251314712677
RW905809-EIMER 5,0 x 65 mm Redwood TX20 250* 4251314713681