T-Stick A2


T-Stick A2

Hidden fastening of deck boards

The T-Stick is inserted between two wood boards and fastened in the board groove with a steel plate. The result is an attractive wood surface without visible screw heads. The board clearance is maintained automatically by the T-Stick. The clearance of 9 mm to the substructure enables good ventilation, and this prevents waterlogging. The service life is therefore affected positively.

If Eurotec‘s laying specifications are complied with, the T-Stick enables the boards to be adjusted easily before they are screwed down firmly. After screwing, the boards are absolutely firm. If a board has to be replaced, the system makes this possible even after the deck has been completed.

Fast laying

The T-Stick fastening system can be used immediately. Using the StarterClip allows hidden screw connections even for the start and end boards. No pilot drilling is needed. Once the start board has been laid, the next board is put into position, aligned and fixed. Insert the T-Stick with the plate into the wood board groove, screw the screw in slightly to fix. After fixing the board, you can screw it in place.

Make sure that your cordless screwdriver’s torque is set correctly so that you never over-tighten the screws.

*Stainless steel A4 plate available on request.

**Supplied with a drilling screw, which is suitable for wooden and aluminium
substructures with a thickness of up to 3 mm.


CAD data


DWG data T-Stick A2

Art. no. Stainless steel plate* Material PU** EAN
111857 A2 Plastic, schwarz 125 4251314719492