SL PRO adjustable pedestal L

The Eurotec SL PRO adjustable pedestals are suitable for installing deck substructures in outdoor applications. The head of the SL PRO adjustable pedestal features stepless self-levelling and ensures that slopes of up to 8% on surfaces and uneven ground can be evened out.

The key advantage is that no additional structures are needed in order to achieve correct positioning of the surface covering. The SL PRO adjustable pedestal therefore allows the easy creation of an inclination of 1-2% on deck surfaces for drainage purposes.

*The adapter must be attached to produce an assembly height in the adjustment range!


  • Self-levelling for slopes of up to 8%
  • UV stability
  • High fatigue strength
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Acoustic damping properties

Can be combined with:

  • L-adapter
  • Extension ring + 4
  • Extension ring +10

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Product table

Art. no. Construction height Load-bearing capacity PU EAN
946072-SL 73 - 102 mm 8,0 kN 10 4251314726001