Plate bearings


Plate bearings

EPDM black

For large-format hardwearing floor panels made of concrete blocks, natural stone, etc.

For dry laying of floor panels (without mortar). The plate bearing serves as a support and forms a clearance to the floor, and through the joint cross between the panels as well. In this way, the floor panels can be laid so that they are resistant to frost.

The bearing height can be increased in 10 mm steps by stacking several plate bearings on top of each other. We recommend stacking a maximum of 3 plate bearings. To achieve greater clearances, combine the plate bearing with the Big Foot PL or Tower PL is adjusting feet.

  • Support height: 10 mm
  • Joint spacer: 4 mm
  • Up to three units can be stacked on top of one another
  • Dampens footfall noise


Data sheets


Product data sheet – Slab supports

CAD data


DWG data Plate bearings

Art. no. Dimensions Material PU EAN
945432 Ø 120 x 18/10 mm EPDM, schwarz 45 4250207462125