Mini deck glider


Mini deck glider

For hidden fastening of deck boards

The Mini deck glider is used for narrow deck boards with a width of 90 to 100 mm.

Installation instructions for the deck glider

To fasten the boards in place, the gliders are first screwed onto the underside of the boards and then screwed onto the substructure from above. This fastening type avoids direct connections to the substructure. The deck boards therefore have greater freedom of movement (via the deck glider). Per glider, we recommend using two screws for fastening the glider onto the board and two screws for fastening the glider onto the substructure. For the Mini deck glider, you should use two screws for fastening the Mini deck glider onto the board and one screw for fastening it to the substructure. The Mini deck gliders are suitable for boards with a width of 90 mm to 100 mm and a minimum board thickness of 20 mm.

* Clearance of bearing beams = 500 mm, board width = 90-100 mm, Joint dimension = 5 mm (depending on type of timber). You will need at least three screws for each deck glider; these are included with the mini gliders.


Data sheets


Product data sheet – Deck gliders

CAD data


DWG data Mini geck glider

Art. no. Abmessung Bedarf [Stück/10 m²] Material PU EAN
944767 10 x 190 x 19 mm 200 Hard plastic 200 4250207486923