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Fascia profile


Fascia profile

The fascia profile is used to cover the top end or the butt joints of the decking. Its special surface allows the fascia profile to ensure a non-slip footing even in wet conditions.

Thanks to its flat geometry, the fascia profile does not present a tripping hazard.

Our fascia profile can be freely combined with all commercially available deck boards.


  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Can be freely combined with all commercially available deck boards
  • Ensures a non-slip surface even when wet
  • No tripping hazard thanks to flat geometry
  • Resistant to weather, exposure to UV, insects and rot
Instructions for use

The profile is fastened in place by installing countersunk screws (ø ≤ 4 mm) through the ready-made holes, which are positioned at a centre distance of 20 cm.

As the screws are close to the edge, pilot-drilling is strongly recommended!


CAD data


DWG data Fascia profile

Art. no. Dimensions Material thickness PU EAN
975651 27,5 x 2400 x 37,5 mm 2,5 mm 1 4251314728159