EVOdry water drainage system

The Eurotec EVOdry water drainage system helps to drain water from balcony and terrace substructures in a targeted manner. It is mainly used on terraces attached to houses and flats with several floors. EVOdry is a comprehensive product that is compatible with both traditional timber and plastic decking, offers a whole new dimension of freedom during the design phase, and can also be considered for renovating existing balconies. The system completely seals the substructure towards the bottom, preventing uncontrolled water run-off to floors below.
The system consists of the EVOdry rail, the EVOdry clip and the EVOdry closure. The EVOdry rail is used to drain the water under the wooden terrace and is fixed in place using the EVOdry clip to prevent it from slipping. The EVOdry closure can be attached on one side and ensures that the water runs specifically into a gutter or a similar structure.
*The EVOdry sealing tape (100547) is not included in the scope of delivery.
**Screws are included.


  • Targeted drainage of water
  • Protection of the substructure against moisture, dirt and plant growth
  • Longer service life of the substructure


  • EVOdry rail: Aluminium
  • EVOdry closure: Aluminium
  • EVOdry Clip: Plastic
  • EVOdry clip, straight: Plastic/A2
  • EVOdry clip, bent: Plastic/A2

Can be combined with our aluminium system profiles EVO, EVO slim and HKP.

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Product table

Art. no. Designation Dimensions Material PU EAN
975681 EVOdry rail* 14 x 45 x 4000 mm Aluminium, black 1 4064827151952
975682 EVOdry closure** 12 x 1,5 x 35 mm Aluminium 10 4064827151969
975683 EVOdry clip 23 x 50 x115 mm Plastic, black 10 4064827151945
975693 EVOdry clip, straight 26,5 x 22 x 34 mm Plastic, black 100 4064827164075
975696 EVOdry clip, bent 26,5 x 21 x 34 mm Plastic, black 100 4064827164082
100547* EVOdry sealing tape 50000 mm TPE-S, black 1 4064827158135