EVO Light system clip straight


  • For hidden fastening of boards with grooved sides
  • Suitable for specific groove geometry
  • For questions regarding groove geometry, always contact your local specialist timber dealer
  • Time-saving and easy installation
  • Automatically predefined joint spacing of 6 mm
  • Individual boards can be adjusted or replaced at any time
  • Supports constructive timber protection
  • Weather-resistant

The straight stainless steel clamping plate is suitable for straight groove geometries with a groove cheek thickness of 2 - 9 mm.
*Comes supplied with screw

Product table

Art. no. Dimensions Material PU* EAN
Clamping plate 30 x 22 x 1,5 mm Stainless steel A2 - -
946029 24 x 15 x 21 mm Plastic, black 200* 4251314726414