EVO Light aluminium system profile


EVO Light aluminium system profile

The EVO Light aluminium system profile can be combined with Eurotec’s Profi-Line and ECO-Line adjustable feet.


  • Hidden fastening with the EVO Light system bracket
  • Visible fastening with Eurotec profile drilling screws and wing-tipped profile drilling screws
  • Developed specially for ECO adjustable pedestals
  • Can also be used with PRO adjustable pedestals and L adapter
  • Can be extended using ECO Light system connector
  • Position retention due to screw of L adapter
  • Load-bearing, torsion-free, form-stable and straight
  • Special shape prevents screws from shearing off


CAD data


DWG data EVO Light Alu system profile



Overview of Eurotec aluminium profiles

Art. no. Dimensions Material PU EAN
975643 4000 x 32 x 34 mm Aluminium 1 4251314726131