EMD multi plug


EMD multi plug

Plastic, with collar

The EuroTec multi plug (EMD) with collar is made of plastic and is suitable for installation in concrete, solid bricks, perforated bricks and other highstrength building materials.

The EMD expands in solid building materials and forms a knot in hollow building materials. The plastic plug can be installed using a chipboard screw or a wood-construction screw.


  • The collar prevents the plug from penetrating too deep into the drill hole
  • The anti-twist element prevents it from turning with the screw in the hole
  •  For chipboard screws and wood construction screws


CAD data


DWG data EMD multi plug

Art. no. Dimensions Bohr Ø Untergrund Min. Bohrlochtiefe Schrauben PU EAN
200000 Ø 6 x 36 mm 6 mm 45 mm Ø 4,0 mm 200 4250207473381
200001 Ø 8 x 50 mm 8 mm 60 mm Ø 4,5 mm 200 4250207473398
200002 Ø 10 x 60 mm 10 mm 70 mm Ø 6,0 mm 100 4250207473367
200003 Ø 12 x 70 mm 12 mm 80 mm Ø 8,0 mm 50 4250207473374