Bolt anchor, A4 stainless steel


Bolt anchor, A4 stainless steel

With washer, Stainless steel A4, for cracked concrete and non-cracked concrete

Torque-controlled expanding plug

The Eurotec bolt anchor is a torque-controlled expanding plug made of electrogalvanised steel for through-hole mounting in uncracked concrete. The special thing about the bolt anchor is that it is possible to maintain small centre and edge distances despite the high load-bearing capacity. Different anchoring depths and various sizes mean the bolt anchor can be used in a variety of ways. Every bolt anchor is fitted with an expansion clip, which ensures high load-bearing capacity and means less fastening points are needed.

  1. Create drill hole
  2. Clean drill hole thoroughly
  3. Drive in bolt anchor with a hammer
  4. Screw on the hexagonal nut until the appropriate torque is reached.
  5. Done!

Europ. Techn. Assessment: ETA-18/0533

Generic type and use of construction product:

Expansion anchor A4

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Produktdatenblatt_Bolzenanker A4.jpg

Product data sheet – Bolt anchor A4

CAD data


DWG data Bolt anchor A4

Art. no. Dimensions Spanner gap PU EAN
946142 8,0 x 75 mm SW13 100 4251314729187
946143 8,0 x 100 mm SW13 100 4251314729194
946144 10,0 x 100 mm SW17 50 4251314729200
946145 10,0 x 120 mm SW17 50 4251314729217
946146 10,0 x 140 mm SW17 50 4251314729224
946148 12,0 x 140 mm SW19 25 4251314729248