A new era of module connectors

Since wood has become increasingly popular as a building material from an environmental protection standpoint – and cross laminated timber explicitly in building construction – Eurotec GmbH has increasingly found itself exploring the issue of fastening and anchoring prefabricated wood elements.

The company is currently working flat out on unique solutions for system connectors. This solution is a system of all kinds of connections in modular and system design.

Construction with CLT – the new brochure!

We have put together an overview of what you need to know about cross laminated timber (CLT).

The latest brochure by Eurotec explains all the basics of this natural building material, and includes what you specifically need to consider when using the products as well as lots of helpful calculations by our experts.

You will also find all of the necessary product information on our BIM website, if you decide on using our products for your own project.

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Individual solutions for complex designs

The key focus here is the efficiency and the quality of the products in the complex area of timber engineering.

At the very heart of this ambitious architecture lie complicated shapes, enormous structure spans and considerable structural challenges.

For our customers, we are able to develop and manufacture unique solutions in these areas of modular construction. This includes frame buildings for industry, retail and agriculture, but also bridges and more complex roof structures.

point anchoring of wooden elements in wooden, steel or concrete substrates.

Eurotec module connectors

The special features of the shearing angles and tension brackets include the different installation heights and the type of perforation, depending on the application.

To secure aligned components against shearing forces, Eurotec also developed the shearing plate, which can be put to versatile use and used to cover all possible anchoring cases.

On top of this, Eurotec’s product range includes several variants of the tension straps that can be used to create wood/wood, wood/concrete and steel/wood connections. Special holes for screwing at an angle of 45° make the tension straps particularly efficient and unique.

The Eurotec tie bar is used to transfer tensile forces to enable quick and easy base point anchoring of wooden elements in wooden, steel or concrete substrates.

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