Stamping and stampingbending technology

Another area of expertise lies in stamping and stampingbending technology.

With this technique, we produce customer-specific solutions for a wide range of applications for customers around the world.

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Cold forming

Quality from Germany – and we’re proud of it.

Since production began in 2013, we have constantly expanded our production facilities in order to manufacture an ever-greater proportion of long-shafted cold-formed parts in-house at our location in Hagen.

For example, these also include various special-purpose construction screws, such as the KonstruX fully threaded screws or the TopDuo roofing screws.

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Injection moulding

We are able to put our many years of experience in the area of injection-moulded plastic parts to use at the Hagen site too.

Our product range includes multidimensional injection-moulded parts.

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Extrusion technology

In the extrusion process, a raw material is heated and pressed under pressure through a forming tool.

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