T-Tec system now with ETA certification


T-Tec system now with ETA certification

Our T-Tec system, consisting of the T-profile timber connector and the self-drilling EST rod dowel, has now been awarded ETA certification. The combination of the two products enables the production of invisible, rigid timber-to-concrete and timber-to-timber connections, thus providing an ideal basis for main-to-secondary beam connections. Whether connections are horizontal or at an incline, the T-Tec system holds the timber in position in a secure and load-bearing manner. What’s more, due to its double-threaded screw and innovative arrow drill, the EST rod dowel can be easily screwed through the timber and aluminium of the T-profile without any need for pre-drilling.

A connection system with ETA certification

The T-Tec system has now been awarded the ETA 21/0710. It should be noted that this refers to the combination of the T-profile and the EST rod dowel. Accordingly, certification is only permitted for the joint use of the two products. The specified forces and technical data set out in the approval can only be complied with when the products are used together. The values from the product data sheets must be observed in this regard.

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