Our SL BASE adjustable pedestals have arrived!


Our SL BASE adjustable pedestals have arrived!

A stable substructure forms the basis of your terrace and supports its durability. This is why a substructure with selected adjustable pedestals is strongly recommended. Installing adjustable pedestals provides targeted protection for the boards from weather damage, pests and rot.

An uneven base surface for the terrace could put a quick stop to the construction project. With the right adjustable pedestals, this problem can be remedied in an efficient and long-lasting way. For such cases, we have therefore expanded the BASE adjustable pedestals and designed the new SL BASE series made from PP-C. 

Our SL BASE adjustable pedestals S to XL including L-adapter are perfect for your next terrace project – for aluminium and wooden substructures alike. The pedestals are available in various installation heights from 3.2 cm to 21.7 cm, to suit your individual project.


One particular advantage of these adjustable pedestals is their infinitely adjustable self-levelling, thanks to their head. This means that unevenness or inclines of up to 7% in the base surface can be balanced out immediately. Furthermore, each pedestal has a load-bearing capacity of 2.2 kN.

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