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About us

We are a medium-sized company engaged in the development, production and sale of products for the construction sector. To this end, we supply products for the areas of timber-frame construction, deck construction and concrete fastening. We supply specialist dealers across Europe, who are responsible for distribution to skilled craftsmen.

Over our short 20-year history, we have already become a permanent fixture in the fastening technology sector. Since January 2013, a selected part of the range of timber construction screws has been manufactured on a first machine in Hagen. An expansion of the machine pool then increased production capacity, allowing us to supply a wide range of items produced in-house. Since that point, we have been able to produce our own screws with diameters of 6 to 10 mm and a length of up to 1 metre.

Given our steady growth as a company, there is a need to acquire additional office space. We have made it our mission to develop products that offer the maximum benefit and innovative lead for the professional user. At the same time, our company also realises customer-specific products on an ongoing basis in close collaboration with customers.

Quality is the basis of all our activities.

Our primary goal is to offer our customers flawless products and services and to guarantee 100% adherence to delivery dates.

We expect an unrestricted commitment to quality from every one of our employees. The training and further development of a customer- and quality-oriented mindset
and acting have always been a priority. Compliance with legal and official requirements within an economic framework and the promotion of environmentally conscious action is an obligation for us. We are proud of the fact that almost all our products in the timber, façade and concrete segments are ETA-certified

It goes without saying that our quality assurance department checks the daily produced batches for standards such as compliance with the drawings, functionality, visual appearance and accordance with customer-specific specifications. This is the only way we can be sure that we provide our customers with the consistently high quality they have come to expect from us.

Since June 2019 we are also DEKRA certified!

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Our Company Philosophy

Eurotec has taken up the task of manufacturing products to develop a solution that provides the professional user with an offer the highest degree of advantages
and innovative edge. Thereby, individual products are always developed in close cooperation with the customer.

The core assortment consists of screws and fastening systems for the building materials timber and concrete as well as high-quality substructures and fastening systems for terrace construction.

It is the company's declared philosophy that not the price, but rather the quality of the products is in focus. That the price-performance ratio is ideal is attested to by a steadily growing customer base of more than 4,000 customers worldwide.

Take advantage of the wide range of products on offer.

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Our Milestones


The Foundation

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The two managing directors, Gregor Mamys and Markus Rensburg, founded Eurotec GmbH on 1 May 1999. The company began its life in a small basement with an adjoining garage, whose 5 pallet bays served as a warehouse.



Bild 2.JPG

After multiple relocations within Hagen, the decision was made in 2003 to move to a company building in Werkzeugstraße. At the time, the warehouse had space for approx. 300 pallet bays.

This warehouse also quickly became too small. After several expansions, capacity ran out and it was time for a new company building! The managing directors looked for and found a suitable location in Hagen.


Unter dem Hofe

Bild 3.jpg

In 2007, the Eurotec team and its 30 members of staff moved into the new building at Unter dem Hofe 5. These newly built premises consisted of an office wing and an adjoining warehouse with approx. 3,500 pallet bays.


The new warehouse

Bild 4.JPG

Just three years later, the new building would, in turn, become the old building. A new warehouse building was built, providing a further 7,500 pallet bays and offices upstairs.


In-house production

Bild 5.png

In 2012, we decided to take the next important step. The foundation stone was laid for the production hall, paving the way for in-house production.


Our own production hall

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From 7 January 2013 onwards,we produced a selected part of our proprietary product range in our own production hall in Hagen.


Because we never stand still

In 2014, intensive work began on further expanding in-house production.


Increase the offer

Production capacity is expanded in 2015 to enable us to offer a wide range of solutions from our very own production facilities.


Construction of the new production hall

Bild 9.JPG

In 2016, the company starts actively to build a new hall to relocate its machinery. Additional office space is being created in Hagen, since the company is enjoying steady growth.

The next step is to expand the storage capacities in what was formerly the machinery hall.


We continue to expand

Bild 10.png

Completion of the new production hall in early 2018 means that all of the machinery can be moved. Construction work starts on another warehouse.


Eurotec turns 20 years old


On 1 May 2019 we celebrated our company's 20th anniversary.

The injection moulding is extended by two additional injection moulding machines to a total of four machines. In addition the screw production is expanded by another multi-stage press. So we now have a total of five machines for screw production at our disposal.