Paneltwistec, A4 stainless steel, ornamental head screw


Paneltwistec, ornamental head screw 

rust and acid resistant

Field of application for A4 stainless steel screws:

  • This steel is a stainless steel in accordance with the general building-authority approval Z-30.3-6. Resistant to rust and acid, it is also suitable for fastening tannin-containing woods (e.g. oak) and for use in saline atmospheres.
  • Not suitable for use in chlorine-containing atmospheres, e.g. in indoor swimming pools.
  • The screw is suitable for use in timber–timber joints in outdoor installations and is used in garden, façade and balcony construction.


Data sheets


Product data sheet – Paneltwistec A4

CAD data


DWG data PT A4 ornamental head screw

Art. no. Dimensions Drive PU EAN
901479 3,2 x 25 mm TX10 500 4250207404279
903038 3,2 x 30 mm TX10 500 4250207404262
901480 3,2 x 35 mm TX10 500 4250207404255
901481 3,2 x 40 mm TX10 500 4250207404248
903104 3,2 x 50 mm TX10 500 4250207404231