HBS wood construction screw

Collated, blue galvanised steel

  • The collated HBS wood construction screw with countersunk head is suitable for mounting wood-based panels on wooden substructures. Application areas include timber frame and solid wood construction.


  • For use in service class 1 and 2 conditions in accordance with DIN EN 1995 (Eurocode 5)
  • High mechanical load bearing capacity
  • Without chromium (VI) oxided


  • Universal application
  • Quick to use in magazines
  • Ridges under the head ensure optimal hold in magazines
  • Milling ribs below the countersunk head prevents wood from splitting when being screwed in
  • Suitable for various autofeed screwdrivers thanks to collated screw system
  • →e.g. Makita, Senco, Bosch and Hitachi

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Product table

Art. no. Dimension Thread length Head diameter Drive PU EAN
945080 4,2 x 41 mm 30 mm 7.5 mm PH 2 1000 Pieces 4250207489337
945081 4,2 x 55 mm 30 mm 7.5 mm PH 2 1000 Pieces 4251314728975