Taurus 45°

The Taurus 45° is suitable for affixing metal tension straps in wood structures. A force-locking connection is created when the entire circumference of the screw head is in contact with the material. To prevent a shifting of the Taurus, simple round holes are drilled/milled or lasered into the metal tabs.

The Taurus thus ensures that screws may be screwed in at a 45° incline, whereby a quick and simple transferability of the tensile forces is ensured. The Taurus 45° is compatible with fully threaded countersunk screws with 8 mm and 10 mm diameters.


  • Made of galvanised cast steel


  • 45° screw fittings for ideal absorption of tensile forces
  • Large contact surface prevents the countersunk head from being pulled through
  • Simple and quick fitting for a force-locking connection
  • Suitable for Ø 8 and Ø 10 mm fully-threaded countersunk head screws

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Product table

Art. no. Dimension Hole-Ø mounted part thickness Mounted part thickness PU EAN
800268 29 x 19 x 19,5 mm 17 mm 3 - 5 mm 10 pcs. 4251314737625
800269 43 x 26 x 25 mm 26 mm 3 - 10 mm 10 pcs. 4251314737625