Simply tie bar

Slot, galvanised

Anchor timber-frame constructions securely against tension

For quick and easy connections

The Simply tie bar allows quick and easy timber–timber, timber–concrete, timber–steel and timber–brickwork connections. It is especially sturdy and can withstand extremely high loads.
The Simply tie bar has nail holes on one side and screw holes (including a slot) in the other.

Product table

Art. no. Designation Dimensions (H x L x W) Material thickness PU EAN
954056 Simply tie bar 95 x 88 x 65 mm 4 mm 25 Pieces 4251314707833
954057 Simply tie bar 135 x 88 x 65 mm 4 mm 25 Pieces 4251314707840
954058 Simply tie bar 285 x 88 x 65 mm 4 mm 25 Pieces 4251314707857