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Stainless steel A2

Product descripton


Our Eurotec V-Clip is ideal for the problem-free fastening of asymmetric grooved decking made of dimensionally stable timber types, e.g. larch, Douglas fir, or WPC on timber substructures.



  • Suitable for salty atmospheres under certain circumstances
  • Acid-resistant under certain circumstances
  • Not suitable for chlorinated atmospheres
  • Can be used in service classes 1, 2 and 3
  • Not suitable for woods containing high levels of tannin, such as oak



  • Indirect/hidden fastening solution
  • Compatible with classic timber substructures
  • Uniform 7 mm board spacing
  • 3.5 x 30 mm stainless steel screw included


*incl. one stainless steel screw, 3.5 x 30 mm


Data sheets


Product data sheet – V-Clip

Art. no. Dimensions [mm] PU*
111885 119 x 49,5 x 22 1