End profiles for aluminium substructure

The Eurotec deck edging end profiles for aluminium substructures deliver a visually attractive border on decks with stone slab flooring in combination with the Profi-Line adjustable pedestals and the EVO aluminium system profile.

The system consists of two end profiles, which enclose the deck's upper and lower edges respectively.


  • Visually attractive border
  • Versatile applications
  • For slab thicknesses ≤ 40 mm


The product only includes the respective aluminium end profiles. All other components must be ordered separately.

Per fastening, these include: EVO aluminium system profiles, 90° EVO joint, EVO corner connector and 6x BiGHTY 4.8 x 32 mm drilling screws (art. no. 945662, PU: 500). (4x for the 90° EVO joint and 1x each for the connections to the top and bottom deck edging end profiles). For slab thicknesses of less than 40 mm, the resulting free space must be filled with compression seal tape.

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Product table

Art. no. Dimension Material thickness Material PU EAN
975639 2000 x 45 x 61,5 mm 2,5 mm Aluminium 1 4251314727060
975640 2000 x 45 x 50 mm 2,5 mm Aluminium 1 4251314727053