Drill-Stop for Profile drilling screw


Drill-Stop for Profile drilling screw

The drill stop is the countersink for profile drilling screws. Pilot drilling is strongly recommended for fastening tropical woods/hardwoods. This is advisable both for Douglas fir, which is relatively easy to split, and when screwing close to wood cut against the end grain.


  •  Hard plastic/steel


  • Boring and countersinking in a single pass
  • The screwing-in torque for inserting profile drilling screws is greatly reduced, i.e. no more screw shearing, particularly when combining hardwood and V2A or V4A stainless steel
  • Reduces tearing of the wood along the fibre near the screw head
  • Perfect seat of the screw head
  • Optimised for the Eurotec 5,5 mm profile drilling screw

​​​​​​​No splintering, no shearing!

Pilot drilling with the Drill-Stop and the specially developed head geometry of Profile drilling screw prevents splintering to the greatest extent.


Data sheets


Product data sheet – Drill-Stop for Profile drilling screw

Art. no. Designation Dimensions PU EAN
945606 Drill-Stop for Profile drilling screw Ø 5,6 x 26 mm 1 4251314735201

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