Rock concrete screw, hexagonal with flange, specially coated


Rock concrete screw, hexagonal with flange, specially coated

What can they be used for?

  • Anchoring in concrete (C20/25 to C50/60 normal concrete)


  • As it is screwed in, the thread cuts a mating thread into the subsurface
  • High-strength screw steel
  • Extremely complex annealing process
  • Special thread


  • Installation without plugs
  • High extraction-resistance values
  • No expansion effect, so smaller edge and centre distances are possible
  • Broad range of applications thanks to a variety of screw heads and diameters
  • An economical fastener
    • Time savings during installation
    • Cost savings in materials
  • Time-saving and straightforward installation
    • Setting and installation process performed in a single step


  • Drill hole produced only by hammer drilling
  • Setting parameters must be adhered to strictly
  • Application only in C20/25 to C50/60 normal concrete




Product Data Sheet – Rock concrete screws

CAD data


DWG data Rock concrete screw, hexagonal with flange, special coated

Art. no. Dimensions Drive PU EAN
110253 16,5 x 115 SW 18 25 4251314728760
110254 16,5 x 135 SW 18 25 4251314728760
110255 16,5 x 160 SW 18 25 4251314728777

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