Rigid foam plug


Rigid foam plug


For anchorages in expanded polystyrene, rigid foam boards and other soft building materials

The Eurotec rigid-foam plug is suitable for direct anchorages in expanded polystyrene, rigid-foam boards and other soft building materials. During installation, the plug’s conical shape causes compaction of the material surrounding the point where it is screwed in, therefore ensuring a secure plug grip.

The plug has a TX/hexagon drive and is screwed in in a straightforward and time-saving manner with no need for pilot drilling.

* Screw not included.


CAD data


DWG data Rigid foam plug

Art. no. For screw Ø Dimensions Drive PU EAN
200060* 4,0 - 4,5 Ø 20 x 50 mm TX30 50 4251314701428
200061* 8,0 / M8 Ø 30 x 95 mm TX55+SW17 50 4251314701435
200062* 10,0 / M10 Ø 30 x 95 mm SW17 50 4251314701442