EST rod dowel

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EST rod dowel

Eurotec’s self-drilling EST is a double-threaded screw with an innovative arrow drill and a specifically developed chip-removing groove. Ideally suited for hidden connections in combination with our T-profile. The double-threaded screw has a cylinder head with an integrated TX drive. The special geometry of the arrow drill ensures a lower splitting effect when screwing in. A chip-removing groove ensures optimised screwing-in behaviour.

Material: Hardened carbon steel 

  • Corrosion resistant 
  • Suitable for service classes 1 and 2 according to DIN EN 1995 – Eurocode 
  • Good resistance to mechanical stresses 


  • No pre-drilling required 
  • With an innovative arrow drill 
  • Screws do not hit one another when screwed in using the TX drive 
  • Optimum chip-removing groove in the thread 
  • Suitable for wood and aluminium

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