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Magnus M

Aluminium/timber connector for main/secondary beam joints

Declaration of performance
Suitable for use in virtually all areas oftimber-frame construction 

Included in delivery
120 x TX15 fully threaded screws *) 20 x TX15 fixing screws TX15 **) 1 x assembly instructions
*) 4,0 x 30 mm, blue galvanised, **) 4,2 x 26 mm, blue galvanised 

The Magnus hook connector is used to create node jointsin timber-frame construction. This joint is impressive above all because itcan be completely prefabricated, which in turn minimises assembly timeson the construction site. The connector consists of two differentcomponents, as well as wood construction screws and fixing screws.The two separate parts of Magnus are attached to the respective structuralmembers using the wood construction screws and then slotted into oneanother smoothly without the need to apply force.The two components are braced against one another using fixing screws.This provides effective prevention against the joint being loosenedinadvertently.With high verified load values, joints created by the Magnus can bestatically loaded in five directions.Installation can be both visible (for shadow-groove connections) andhidden (milled in).

Installation instructions 

Hidden (milled-in) main/secondary beam joints

1.  Adjust the end stop of the milling and assembly jig to the desiredsize of the Magnus hook connector, apply and screw on themilling and assembly jig, and create a routed slot with thecorresponding groove-milling cutter. 
2.  The Magnus is then inserted into the routed slot and fastened inplace using the supplied system screws. Following this, the millingand assembly jig is placed in the same position as before on thecomponent that is to be connected, and the second part of theMagnus hook connector is screwed on.Pre-assembly is now complete, and the component beingconnected is hooked in place. 
3.  The fixing screws are then inserted into the Magnus.This pulls the Magnus hook connector together, if necessary,and ensures correct positioning of the node joint. 

Installation can be both visible (for shadow-groove joints) and hidden(milled in). The assembly example shows hidden installation.In this type of installation, there is no need to mill out a slot, and themilling and assembly jig is used only as an assembly jig.
Europ. Technical Assessment: ETA-15/0761 Assessment

 Magnus Connector
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Art. no. Designation Dimensions PU EAN
944878 im Set á 10 Verbinder, inkl. Schrauben 70 x 120 mm 10 4251314705501
944879 im Set á 10 Verbinder, inkl. Schrauben 70 x 140 mm 10 4251314705518
944880 im Set á 10 Verbinder, inkl. Schrauben 70 x 160 mm 10 4251314705525
944881 im Set á 10 Verbinder, inkl. Schrauben 70 x 180 mm 10 4251314705532
944882 im Set á 10 Verbinder, inkl. Schrauben 110 x 220 mm 4 4251314705549

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