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Porous concrete plug



EuroTec porous concrete plug (EPD)

For anchorages in porous/aerated concrete

The Eurotec aerated concrete plug was designed especially for anchorages in porous/aerated concrete and is suitable both for screws with a wood thread and for screws with a metric thread.

The plug can be screwed easily into the hole already drilled in the concrete using a hexagon head/socket tool. As it is screwed in, the plug cuts a form-closed mating thread in the concrete and therefore facilitates a secure hold.


• For anchorages in porous/aerated concrete

• Straightforward and rapid assembly

• Almost expansion-free anchoring allows low centre and edge distances

• Suitable both for screws with metric threads and for screws with wood threads

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Art. no. Dimensions PU EAN
944825 0"15⁄64 x 1"31⁄32 Inch 100 4250207446385
944826 0"5⁄16 x 2"23⁄64 Inch 50 4250207446392
944827 0"25⁄64 x 2"3⁄4 Inch 50 4250207446378