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Wing-tipped profile drilling screw

hardened stainless steel


• Limited resistance to rust, not acid-resistant

• 10 years experience without corrosion problems with suitable woods

• Not suitable for woods containing high amounts of tanning agents, such as, eg, cumaru, oak, merbau, robinia, etc.

• Not suitable for use in chlorous atmospheres

• Stainless steel in accordance with DIN 10088

Special feature

• Screws in quickly without pilot drilling

Please refer to the information we provide on “Selecting screw steels” (p. 53 in Deck construction and landscaping catalog ), as not all timber types should be installed with hardened stainless-steel screws.

more information
Art. no. Dimensions Drive PU EAN
905568 0"13⁄64 x 2"11⁄64 Inch TX20 200 4250207502074
905569 0"13⁄64 x 2"23⁄64 Inch TX20 200 4250207502081
905570 0"13⁄64 x 2"3⁄4 Inch TX20 200 4250207502098

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